My New Kindle e-Reader 2022 Edition

by - July 14, 2023

 I am slowly getting back to hoarding books again. Books should always be a good thing but not when you buy one just to get a new one with zero regard to storyline or costs. In my case, I keep buying books on sale only to be disappointed later on. There's a reason that some books cost less. I also refuse to buy hyped books because it's not fair to well-written books that are not recommended on social media often enough.

I have also wanted to get a new Kindle. The one that was handed down to me was lost somewhere. Trust Shopee, an online shopping platform, to lure you into buying things that you don't actually really need but is a great platform for all the wants in the world. I decided to get the Kindle 2022 e-Reader 11th Edition because of its price tag. It was also sold by a reputable online store and I was also able to score some discount. The Kindle is so tiny! It is the size of a pocketbook! Good thing you can adjust the text size of the ebook. Book recommendation anyone? Comment below.

I am also trying to get back to writing book reviews. I also want to be able to write about books well like how it was taught in schools. To be honest, there was little chance to write book reviews in Highschool although the task was to read passages and write about them. But, not about books. Books are such a luxury! 

I want to learn, write, and be able to:

  • the prose fiction analysis
  • analyze how the author uses literary elements and techniques to develop a complex characterization
  • the literary argument question
  • select a work of fiction in which a character responds to a hierarchy in a significant way
  • analyze the character’s response to the hierarchy and how that response contributes to the meaning of the work as a whole, and
  • write a well-written response based on that analysis
  • understanding of the literary elements and techniques associated with prose fiction
  • to demonstrate choice, comprehension, and ability to develop and support a claim
..and more importantly, to NOT just write about the summary of the story!

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