Hey there, I’m Audrey.

I've been blogging since 2012, or even before that. Some of those early contents got lost along the way with the changes on the internet. I've also deleted a lot of posts on my archive so you will find one or 2 remaining posts each month from the previous years. Now, I'm doing this just for my personal space and maybe as a business portfolio.

What I like most of the time

Most days you can find me on the internet while away my time, going through interior design, #Bookstagram, planning community & #Studygram feed on Instagram, fangirling on Twitter, or watching Youtube videos.

People often describe me as a serious, dependable, creative introvert. I am mostly known for being honest about what I write. I love serving the world by being frank, serving it to you straight, no chaser. The things I am most passionate about in life are reading, writing/blogging, social media, and living a creative life.

I work with people who need help with their new business, new products, or campaign. I photograph products that I wish readers or everybody should know about. I also serve charity organizations that want to grow support for a good cause.

When I’m not busy working on my blog, you can still catch me on my computer, phone, or iPad, looking for my next inspiration, information to devour, or reading on my Kindle or Kindle app.

I also like to busy myself writing on a secret website for a possible, maybe, future, fiction novel. I just need to figure out how to write my plot. LOL! Or, writing a song.

I keep track of activities at home making sure my family is safe and my siblings are in school. Coffee is a must but only a cup, a day. I love looking through real estate listings and going through interior photographs and architectural floor plans.

I find Google Maps fascinating, and clicking the “Street View” feature, knowing that I’m looking at places, streets, and shop facades from all over the world without being physically there. Nice way to save money on airfare, don’t you think?

For business purposes, you can contact me through e-mail. Tweet me if you want a response sooner. 

Still here? Let’s connect! Social links are in the sidebar. Thank you!