Ways I Am Enriching My Life This Year

by - February 20, 2023

New year, new you but I still refuse to make a bucket list for 2023. Getting a new year means a new year to lead a better life than we did last year. COVID-19 restrictions may not be strict this year but inflation hits an all-time high. Prices for commodities have increased considerably and it's now painful to enjoy the simple enjoys. What's a girl to do? Find new avenues that will not cost a fortune.


There are sites you can download free ebooks. My mother subscribes to these fictional and not so well written stories but still engaging like your regular telenovela on TV. There are second-hand bookstores to get really affordable books or make a book exchange with anyone who, like you, is also a bookworm.


I've parked blogging for years and somehow deleted a few more on some other platforms. But, I have always started blogging as a way to create and just write away random thoughts to escape realities sometimes, and now I am back. I've rekindled the love to write on anything that catches my attention and just throw in my thoughts and ideas on the subject.


I've collected a few items to start and enrich my hobbies. Unfortunately, they have been left unused and neglected. That time is no more. If you are reading this, look around your home and look for unfinished projects. Great way to spend time creatively and not have to spend any extras, or I hope.

Leading a mindful lifestyle is not a surefire way to have a happy life. There's no formula. I haven't really read the Happiness book at all. But, if there are little things that spark joy, yes, including getting rid of useless things at home, then do that. 

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