Living Like Bela Padilla

by - March 12, 2023

I love watching moving vlogs and house renovation. Imagine my excitement when a big celebrity from the Philippines decided to share the renovation of her 1-bedroom condominium and then it turns out to be simple and so attainable. 

Based on the renovation video, Bela Padilla value books, her upright grand piano and beautiful things, too, but only keeps what she uses. Everything about her things screams expensive, sure, but she does not hoard. I love a celebrity that does not value things like having a celebrity closet, a room full of expensive and luxury clothes and accessories. I would love to own and live in space like hers. 

I wish they also redid the kitchen and bathroom or at least shown it on the video. But, they didn't. So, I can only imagine how it looks like, like any other condo kitchen and bathroom built in the Philippines. If you are curious, here's the video from the designer/contractor.

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